On Sunday November 28, 2021, we spoke to TF1 in the reportage "De Delphes a Delos" for the thousand-year-old olive trees of Delphi and the extraordinary olive oil they produce.

November Harvest has started in Delphi, 2021

Today we are happy to send you again some videos and photos from our olive harvest here in Delphi. The harvest actually begins in September and continues with big pauses until the end of the year. In September we harvest the green olives, in November the green and black olives together to get a nice taste of olive oil and with high polyphenols. In December we get most of the black olives for our jars and 2 kilo containers. It is a great filling to see a cycle of the olive tree to be fulfilled and give this wonderful olive oil.
Many greetings to you all from the valley of Delphi
November 27, 2021

March 2021, Olive pruning in Delphi

The Olives trees need pruning to renew and acquire a form that facilitates harvesting.
Wood is used for cutting boards for our kitchen. The branches are crushed and recycled in the field.
The olive tree grows very strong through this process and soon gives new fruits.
This work is done by skilled workers who know the art of pruning.

1000ans bottling

Bottling of the extra virgin olive oil “1000 ans, mer des oliviers de Delphes” in our premises in Delphi, Greece. Let our imagination take us back 2,500 years, to the sanctuary of Delphi. Let us imagine the olive oil being transported in pots from the olive grove, through the ancient path, to the oracle of Delphi. The priests to fill the clay lamps to illuminate the Temple of Apollo. Women to cook pies and soups with olive oil and fresh herbs. Athletes to spread the olive oil on their body with gentle movements to participate in the ancient Pythia Games. Doctors to treat the wounds and pains of the sick with Delphic olive oil and herbs from the mountains and islands of Greece. Let’s go back to today and look at olive oil 1000 ans. An olive oil from perennial olives of the olive grove of Delphi. The oldest olive grove in Europe. Let’s taste it to discover its fruity and balanced taste. Mer des oliviers 1000 ans, an olive oil worthy of the history of Delphi. Available in 400 numbered 700ml bottles in a wooden box.

This is a video of an Olive Oil Tasting of “mer des oliviers de Delphes” extra virgin olive oil in our own premises in the valley of Delphi. You may see in the background the olive grove of Delphi which is the most ancient olive grove of Europe, more than 5000 years old.

Vasilis & Vassilis Kanatas, Delphi, Greece. 12th of August 2020

Mer Des Oliviers De Delphes Triumphant at NYIOOC 2020

Mer des Oliviers de Delphes notched its third win at the world’s most prestigious olive oil quality contest.

“The November 2019 harvest was great here in Delphi. The weather helped to make a good olive harvest and direct oiling at 25 degrees Celsius. We are happy with the very good result of our effort,” company co-owner Vasilis Kanatas said after learning of the award.

The winning oil was Mer des Oliviers de Delphes, a medium Amfissis, which took a Silver Award in the world’s most prestigious olive oil contest. The company produces its extra virgin olive oil in Amfissis using traditional methods.

“Winning another award in the New York competition is for us a very big step for the global recognition of Delphi olive oil. We want to send the message that Europe’s oldest olive grove in Delphi can produce high-value olive oil. The New York competition is for us the highest step in recognizing our olive oil. Thank you!” Kanatas said.

The NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, held each spring in New York, is the world’s largest and most prestigious olive oil contest and its annual listing of award winners is considered the authoritative guide to the year’s best extra virgin olive oils.

The complete list of winners can be viewed on the Official Index of the World’s Best Olive Oils

Article By Masha Richart, Olive Oil Times, 13 May 2020

A professor advises: Olive oil, exercise and Mediterranean diet against the corona virus

The Professor of Immunology at the University of Jaén José J. Gaforio offers us a practical guide how to deal with the confinement situation at home and how to fight against coronavirus. Essential weapons in this guide are extra virgin olive oil consumption and exercise at home.

Our immune system is responsible for fighting the virus. Consequently, enhancing our immune defense is important for the treatment of the virus, as immune suppression is known to increase the risk of a more serious form of infection. Proper nutrition can help improve the immune system. What should we do about it?

• Follow the Mediterranean diet enriched with extra virgin olive oil, scientific evidence suggests that this way you will stay healthy and fit. The consumption of olive oil increases the number of human cells involved in the body's defense.
• Check the amount of food you eat.
• Priority for foods of plant origin to those of animal origin. Beets, celery, artichoke, eggplant, broccoli, zucchini, spinach, asparagus, leeks, mushrooms, carrots and peppers should be part of your diet.
• Eat seasonal, local and fresh foods.
• Eat salads that include lettuce, tomato, olive and onion, among others. It is important to treat the salad with virgin olive oil and vinegar, not with sauces that normally have an excessive amount of calories.
• Be careful with the salt. Pepper can be a good alternative.
• Fruits are the dessert option, do not skimp on desserts that are usually high in sugar.
• Eat meat in moderation.
• Eat fish, which is highly advisable with cold water fish such as salmon or trout, for example.
• Legumes are highly recommended.
• Use spices to taste the food.
• Now that you have more time, go to the kitchen and dare to make new dishes. If you have children involved in making food, it can be a great time to share with them and teach them good eating habits. All family members must be involved.
• Do not order ready-made food for the home. Cook! Make it like a hobby.
• No fried foods.
• Avoid processed and pre-processed foods that require a minimum preparation time before consuming.
• Enjoy your family food now that you can, giving it the time it deserves and creating a warm and enjoyable atmosphere.
• Keep adequate hydration, water and herbal tea are recommended.
• Always use extra virgin olive oil as the only source of fat in cooking.
• Finally, do some home exercises that you can share with the rest of the family. It is important to do activities together, they can be very enjoyable moments to play.

Los Angeles Silver award for ‘mer des oliviers de Delphes’​ (2020)

We are very pleased to announce the Silver Medal Award for our extra virgin olive oil at the Los Angeles 2020 International Olive Oil Competition.
Dozens of countries and producers of premium extra virgin olive oil participated from 4 to 6 February 2020 in the LAIOOC 2020.
It is noteworthy that ‘mer des oliviers de Delphes’ was the only olive oil from Amfissis olives that was distinguished in the competition!
We are delighted and proud that the area of Delphi produces excellent quality olive oil!
The counties that participated in the compatition are the following: Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Turkey, Portugal, Israel, Argentina, U.S.A., Croatia, China, France, Lebanon, Japan, Morocco, Slovenia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, etc

Vasilis & Vassilis Kanatas
mer des oliviers de Delphes
huile d’olive vierge extra

February 11, 2020