Welcome to the Olive Oil producer’s page
“Mer des Oliviers de Delphes”.
Our family produces Olive Oil for more than 5 generations in this sacred area that is called the Delphic Valley.


The Olive oil “mer des olivier de Delphes”, is produced from olives of the olive groves of Amfissa – Delphi. These groves exists for over 3000 years being the oldest in Greece and one of the oldest on the planet. Here the ancient Greeks cultivated olives and produced oil before any other part of Greece did.


We are Vasilis Kanatas & Vasilis Kanatas owners of the company
V. & V. KANATAS O.E. in Delphi Greece.
We produce the olive oil “mer des oliviers de Delphes” as well as olives and olive paste. The olive oil is bottled in our own premises in Delphi.

Greek Salad

Greek salad, or horiatiki salata, is a rough country salad of juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumber, sliced red onion, green pepper, crumbly feta cheese and Amfissa olives.