1.  V. & V. Kanatas G.P. is certified with a Food Quality / Safety Management System in accordance with ISO 22000: 2018.

International Standard ISO 22000: 2018 defines the necessary organizational structures and minimum requirements that an organization or enterprise must meet to obtain ISO 22000: 2018 Certification. The Food Safety Management System includes a description of the company organization, written instructions on the work carried out in the company and affecting food security, forms and documents applying and monitoring and evaluation tools of the system.

For full alignment with ISO 22000, the company follows strictly the following good operating rules:

Apply Good Industrial Practice Standards both at operational level and at plant level
It implements a system of disinfestations – pests on the premises of the company
Applies a cleaning system to the production unit premises
It has certificates of suitability for food contact with raw materials and packaging materials
All employees of the business who come into contact with food have a Special Health Book issued by the competent Prefecture
The certification of the Food Safety Management System ensures recognition of the commitment of V. & V. Kanatas G.P. for continued effort to reduce the risk potential for introducing the food, for the improvement of the production process, while helping the company’s transactions with other companies and strengthens its position against the internal and external competition.

2. Our premises in Delphi have been certified for the production of our ORGANIC olive oil: mer des oliviers BIO