The Olive oil “mer des olivier”, is extracted of olives of groves of Amfissa – Delphi. These groves have existed for over 3000 years being the oldest in Greece and one of the oldest on the planet. The ancient Greeks cultivated olives and produced oil in this region, before any other part of Greece.

In this environment, the Kanatas family has cultivated olive trees and produced olive oil for hundreds of years. Our methods have not changed much over the centuries.

Our Grandfather Vasilis Kanatas inherited 2500 trees from his father, who also inherited them and sold his olives and oils in Athens and other parts of Greece. Many years ago, in the cellar of our family home in Amfissa, Grandpa Vasilis installed, large wooden crates of 15 tons and oil containers where he stored his olive oils.

Dimitris Kanatas ( 1937 ) producer of olive oil. Overseeing the harvest and talking about the harvests in the late 1940’s

The grandfather, Vasilis Kanatas (1885 – 1965) Harvester – Producer of olive oil