We are Vasilis and Vassilis Kanatas owners of the company DELPHILAND IKE in Delphi, Greece.
We produce the olive oil “mer des oliviers”. The olive oil is produced and bottled in our own premises in Delphi.
We also own and operate “Delphi Camping” which overlooks our many hectares of olive trees in the area of Delphi.

Our variety of olives is called “Amfissis” and has always been known for its excellent quality and taste. But few know that the oil derived from it has a very unique quality and flavor.

The taste of the oil from the olive groves of Amfissa – Delphi is very unique, with an intense and fruity aroma. It stands out among hundreds of oils produced in other parts of the world. So much so, that specialists blend our olive oil with other, indifferent oils in order to highlight their soft flavor. The fresh olives of Amfissa, bring the taste of almond and other fruits of the forest to the palate. These scents emerge from the oil, intoxicating connoisseurs, and the everyday consumer alike.

The average yield of Amfissa olive is 7 to 1. This means that it takes about 7 kilos of olives to extract a kilo of oil. The average yield of other regions of Greece is 4 to 1. This lower extraction yield, produces a superior quality olive oil, with sensory components condensed from a great amount of olives. The higher quality of olive oil, is also reflected in the average price of oils from our area.

Our most recent harvest of olives was in November 2023. The olives were collected in the traditional way, from irrigated land. The olive oil was bottled in December 2023 so it will maintain its’ highest shelf quality till May 2025. The oil is produced by cold crushing at 25-27 degrees Celsius.. Bottling is done according to the strictest EU, oil packing regulations which govern this process.

“mer des olivier de Delphes” olive oil is rich in flavor, tantalizing to palate, and with excellent characteristics. With our passion, and our hard work ethic, both inherited from our ancestors, we continue to toil our olive groves. We aim to bring the superior quality of our olive oil region to connoisseurs and olive oil lovers around the world. We will not rest until we bring back the olive oil of Delphi back to its rightful position of highest acclaim.

Vasilis and Vassilis Kanatas

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